Tuesday 10 June 2014

Kelab Paintball Band Of Mercenaries Brothers AGM & EGM

 BBQ bersama timbalan SU

 Sapa ambik gambaq tak clear ni

 Bergambar sambil tgk cinggey

 Persediaan sebelum latiham bermula

 Mai la tolong aku ckp org putih ngan orang afrika kata awang

Ok sambung tgk cinggey

Wednesday 8 January 2014

1ST Training - B.O.M.B


                                                                   8 FEBRUARY 2014


                                                                   BUKIT LAGONG, SELAYANG



                                        DONT PLAY-PLAY WITH OUR TEAM o.0

Tuesday 7 January 2014


Closing of 2013 we bring to you:

Target of operator : 200 people MINIMUM!!

Only @ Tanamera Paintball Park

2013 Tanamera Paintball BIG GAME!!

Good News!!!!

Registration Open NoW!!!!
Registration Close 15 December 2013!!!!

Please Click Link Below For Registration!!!!


Extra Order for T-Shirt & Patch:


Detail & Game Plan:

Date: 28 December 2013 (Saturday)
Time: 8.30am - 4.30pm
Venue: Tanamera Paintball Park

Registration: RM100.00
What you get ?:
- Food & Drink
- T-Shirt
- Patch
- 500 Pallets
- Tag

You need Extra Pallets?
- RM110.00 = 2000 Pallets (1 Box)
- RM35.00 = 500 Pallets (1 Pack)

You Need to Rent Mask & Marker? (Limited)
- RM15.00 = Rental Mask & Marker

Wednesday 23 October 2013


Tuesday 8 October 2013

I am Legend, reunion of Malaysia best scenario woodsball teams,players or should we say Legends, 

Date : 26 10 2013, (Saturday)
Venue : Paintball Valley Bukit Lagong 

This is not a BIG GAME event.
This is not a high profile tournament like the one at Wongs Place or Up on the Hills or at the island.

This is just a legend reunion. play paintball where it was originally played. Jungle

Compete as a legend at 3 different disciplines
1. CQB,
and for the First ever in Malaysia , 3. Australia Bushball League Format will be tested.

Each field will carry its own prizes and if you are bold enough to be a real legend, play all 3 discipline, win pool money and Legend Trophy.

1. CQB - 5 man (All Mechanical, if you already sold your rambo's GPMG, please feel free to use housemarker)

2. Total Elimination - 7 Man (Open marker)
3. ABL Test Game - 5 Man (Open Marker)

(Game Format will posted here anytime this week)

Entrance Fees RM50.00 (yes for food and drink and to pay field crew and for orang asli porter to transport you up to the field). This entrance fees will alow you to play all games, but to entitle you to win pool money as the real legend , additional fees of rm10 per pax is required. and this to be paid before the game start.

Paint: BYOP, we also sell paint on that day but will be very expensive compare to the one sell by the super duper paintball shop..) one box 200 ringgit malaysia., one bag 50 rm, on that day i can give you discount if you buy 10 - 20 boxes and pre order and prepaid.

If you are from outside klang valley and concerned about getting accomodation, bring your sleeping bag, camp in our site. if you are lucky a tapir or deer will sleep beside you. its FOC, only bring you own food, if pre ordered i ll get the orang asli makcik to cook for you.

Food and drink will served on the event day.

Btw our site is now located in the newly gazetted park Taman Rimba Lagong, you will notice new shiny signboard outside the entrance after you past IPD Gombak.


Game Time: All Games at all fields will start at approximately 9 am and will end at 4pm.


1) CLOSE QUARTER BATTLE (CQB) , Field 1: Vietgong

a) Restricted for Mechanical Paintball marker only
b) All markers to be set at maximum 220 fps.
c) Game Mission : To eliminate 2 Opponent (Opfor) and to Rescue 1 hostage
d) Game Time: 5 Minutes
e) 5Man Team ( 4 Operators with 1 spotter)
f) A Spotter can only enter field operation 1 minutes after game start and before that he/she will be station at one location facing the area of operation outside the field and will act as communicator to his team members by using any mode of communication, manual or electronic.
g) Operators/Players primary mission is to Rescue the Hostage by extracting the hostage out of enemy holding area to the designated point.
h) Opfor are allowed to move the hostage anywhere within build up area/ structure.
i) Total game point is 100 points
- Rescue hostage : 20 point
- Opfor kill : 20 point
- Team member alive : 10 point
- Players alive = 10 X 5 : 50 point
- Game end within:
i) 0 - 3 minutes = 10 point
ii) 3 - 4 minutes = 5 point
iii) 4 – 5 minutes = 3 point
j) 1 Head Ref and 2 Field Ref will marshall the game
n) Only two prizes for this field
o) Game end at 4.00 pm

2) ELIMINATION GAME , Kill House Field 2

a) Open Marker ; Max 300 fps :
b) 7 man player/teams, Minimum 4 Man
c) Game Time : 7 minutes game
d) Game Objective : Total Opponent Elimination
e) Total game point is 100 points
- Team member alive : 10 point/player alive = 10 X 7 : 70 point
- Game end within:
i) 0 - 3 minutes = 30 point
ii) 3 - 5 minutes = 20 point
iii) 5 – 7 minutes = 10 point


3) Australia Bushball League (ABL Test Game)


ABL Format

1. 5 man teams competing against each other on almost any type of field, thick bush, forest, urban, or a mixture of all of them.
2. Basically an ABL field can be setup around almost any combination, layout or terrain, big or small fields.
3. Each team can consist of 5-7 players, teams are allowed 2 substitute players who can rotate during an event and spell other players.
4. The minimum team though is 5 and consists of a scout, heavy gunner, and 3 regular players.
5. The scout is allowed a 15 second jump start at the commencement of games, the role generally suits quick players who are good at getting into the field of play, capturing earl points and reporting back to his/her teammates when the second game starting siren sounds.
6. Each game has a 15 minute duration with 5 minute respawn sirens during the game.
7. If a player is eliminated they return to the dead box behind their starting gate and wait for a respawn siren to sound to reenter the field.
8. The field consists of a dead box and starting gate at either end if the field.
9. On the starting gate each team has 5 base flags which can be captured by their opponent and carried back to their opponents starting gate to score points at the end of the game, 5 points per flag held at the end of the game.
10. A player can only capture one flag at a time and must drop it if they are shot whilst carrying it. The flag is not scored until the end of the game and it is hung on the starting gate. This means teams can recapture and trade flags throughout the games duration.
11. If a team successful steals and holds all 5 of the other teams flags, they so 25 points at the end of the game.
12. The other method of scoring involves two swing stations, which are electronic timers feeding a strobe light assembly. These stations are generally setup around the half way line of the field and out towards the side boundaries.
13. When a team captures a swing station they trigger it by holding down their teams coloured button, triggering a timer and the light display to show which team holds that swing station.
14. Points are tallied at the end of the game, but score at the rate of 1 point per minute each station is held with a rounding up to any team holding a 31 second time towards their final minute. If a team were to capture both swing stations in the opening 30 seconds of a game and hold them for the entirety of the game they would score a maximum 30 points. Therefore a maximum score available to a team is 55 points.
15. There is a third method of scoring which is by way of a team being assessed penalties. The most common penalty is a "breakout" penalty.
16. To reduce incidents of teams being spawn camped with all their players stick in their deadbox and a dominant opponent setting up a perimeter waiting for a respawn siren to sign and thus eliminate players leaving the deadbox, eliminated teams are allowed to signal a referee when all 5 players are in the deadbox and call a breakout, allowing them to instantly respawn and avoid a spawn camp. Such a move comes at a -5 point penalty to the team calling the breakout.
17. What the ABL offers over other competitions is an ability to play on a budget and play a lot of games in a single day. The rules are such that players can only carry one tank of air into a game (no spares) and as much paint as they can carry on their person (no drop bags).
18. In a typical day of ABL competition a team will get no less than 5-6 games of 15 minutes duration
19. The rules in relation to equipment also govern what a player can shoot and thus evens the playing field between players with the latest and greatest electro, and players using standard mechanical field rental markers.
20. Each player cannot shoot more than 10 balls per second semi automatic, other than the heavy gunner on each team, who may shoot uncapped semi automatic.

Standard Paintball Safety ruling will be following.
l) IML custom ruling for CQB Game:
1. No Barrel Tagging
2. No Submarine – Warning and Eliminate if offence continue
3. Cheating/Wiping – Team Disqualified
4. Dead Man Talking – 1 for 1
m) Winner with highest total point collected from all games played in this field will win the game

Friday 20 September 2013

Siri Rakan Sepasukan yang Efektif (For Paintballer)

Penafian (Disclaimer):
Tujuan Siri artikel ini adalah sebagai perkongsian pengalaman aku dalam sukan Paintball khususnya untuk rakan2 sepasukan aku dan amnya newbies yang ingin membentuk pasukan. Apa yang aku tulis disini pastinya bukanlah suatu yang muktamad betul. Maka yang pertama2 sekali, aku minta pembaca sila pertimbangkan dulu kemungkinan aku ni seorang yang bodoh dan apa yang ditulis adalah sampah semata2. Hanya Allah memiliki ilmu yang luas meliputi yang tidak diketahui makhluk. Oleh itu aku menggesa pembaca membuat kaji selidik sendiri dahulu dan tidak mengambil pendapat yg aku tulis secara serius. Jadikanlah ia sebagai sesuatu yang boleh difikirkan dan bacaan masa lapang anda. 


Aku mula berkecimpung secara serius pun bukanlah lama sangat. Aku anggap aku menjadi serius player bila ada maker sendiri iaitu pada May 2013. First time aku main paintball ialah pada tahun 2006 dengan Ben, guna maker rental dan kebanyakan game adalah reckon atau woodball. Main pakai hentam saja, takde tactic atau strategy. Kalau ada pun macam main tembak2 masa sekola SUI dulu jer. First tournoment yang aku masuk adalah yang dianjurkan oleh tempat kerja aku disebuah bank terkemuka ditanah air. Itu juga first time jadi TC. Mana taknya jd TC, sbb aku jer sorang dalam team tu pernah main paintball. Gerun jugak masa game bila tengok team lain siap maker sendiri and uniform. Itu jugalah first tournoment yang team aku jadi champion keseluruhan for 2007. Team aku dibubarkan tahun berikutnya disebab ahli pasukan banyak comitment kerja. Maka aku bermain dengan satu team lain dibawah TC yang aku kira berpengalaman bermain berpasukan. Biasaler masuk geng team bola. Tapi hanya top 5 jer.

Sepanjang aku bermain paintball boleh dikatakan persoalan tentang siapa yang patut menjadi rakan sepasukan merupakan tajuk utama. Kenapa perlu pilih? Sebab kita mahukan sebuah pasukan dan rakan pasukan yang efektif. Selalunya, secara sedar atau tidak sedar, pasukan atau TC baru meletakkan ciri-ciri skill dan pengalaman rakan pasukan sebagai ciri-ciri utama dalam pemilihan ahli pasukan. Manakala ciri kedua adalah peralatan yang bagus. Kesian mereka yang tidak berapa skill, alwiz dianaktirikan. Ini adalah lumrah kerana kebanyakan kita (termasuk aku) telah terdidik bahawa nak power mesti ada skill and gear power. 

Tapi kita lupa bahawa skill boleh dilatih jika ada kemahuan, malah gear pula tidak boleh menjamin kemenangan. Cth byk Amerika kalah dgn Afghnistan dalam perang dsbgnya. Persoalan lagi, adakah secara realiti kita akan dapat skill and gear yang perfect atau sempurna? Ramai yang akan kata tidak kan. Jadi apakah formula atau cara yang berkesan untuk memilih atau menjadi seorang rakan pasukan yang efektif? Maka sesorang itu mempunya fair chance untuk terpilih sebagai rakan pasukan yang efektif.

Bagi memudahkan untuk membuat pemilihan atau dipilih, kita perlu buat sedikit tanggapan. Katakanlah kita mempunyai set mereka yang mempunyai skill untuk melakukan tugasan tersebut (atau tidak mempunyai langsung skill tugasan tersebut). Apakah faktor atau nilai (value) yang boleh kita ambilkira dalam pemilihan rakan sepasukan? Disini aku kongsikan pandangan aku berdasarkan pembacaan dan pengalaman aku. Nilai atau faktor berikut tidak mengikut keutamaan. Hanya sahaja, secara tidak sedar atau sedar aku meletakkan yang pertama. Mungkin keutamaan pilihan dalam minda bawah sedar aku.

Sebelum aku mulakan, faktor dan nilai ini adalah untuk membantu kita menilai diri bukan menunding jari. Kalau anda seorang TC yang dipertanggunjawabkan mungkin anda boleh gunakannya untuk menilai diri dan bakal ahli pasukan anda.


Aku pilih nilai atau faktor ini terlebih dahulu kerana ia merupakan pengerak kreativiti kepada setiap aktiviti atau tugasan pasukan. Maka seorang rakan pasukan yang bagus dan kuat adalah mereka yang amat mengambil berat (care):
1. Tugasannya, 
2. Pasukannya 
3. Tugasan pasukannya. 

Mereka akan berusaha membuat yang terbaik dan mengambil berat berkenaan ahli pasukannya dan berharap rakan sepasukannya berbuat yang sama. Kita semua pasti ada pengalaman, rakan pasukan kita tidak sempurnakan tugasan yg diberi. Bagaimana keadaan tersebut membuat kita rasa lemah dan tidak bersemangat. Bayangkan jika ia berlaku berulang-ulangkali. Malah menyebabkan pergerakan kita terbantut atau strategi kita gagal. 

Jadilah rakan pasukan yang menunjukkan komitment yang tinggi. Didalam skop pasukan paintball soalan2 berikut boleh membantu kita menilai diri sendiri:
1. Adakah aku datang awal latihan atau perlawanan?
2. Adakah aku hadir setiap latihan bersama dgn rasa mengambil berat diatas?
3. Adakah aku lakukan terbaik apa yang diarahkan, ditunjukajar atau diaturkan untuk aku?
4. Adakah aku menyumbang sesuatu atau tidak?


Thursday 19 September 2013

Malaysia Day training - Merdekaaa..Merdekaaa...Merdekaaa

20 sept - after a long rest in the month of Ramadan and Syawal. the most anticipated training we have been looking for has finally end with a BOMB training session on a Malaysia Day. There was a lot up and down during the training, a lot of emotions shown during the game. Hopefully we learn something valuable and improve our skills and attitudes in the future games.  Thank you to our brothers who join the training. As always, enjoy the picture of our training and see you next game.